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Jared Weber

State President 


Favorite FBLA Goal: 

Emphasizing education in all programs FBLA offers!.

Favorite FBLA Conference: 

National  Leadership Conference 

Favorite Quote:

Everyone has a moment in history which belongs particularly to him. – John Knowles, “A Separate Peace”

More About Jared

Jared Weber is currently a Senior at Centennial High School and is incredibly excited and honored to be working as the FBLA Arizona State President for the 2023-2024 Arizona FBLA State team. Jared is eager to dive into all the fantastic projects the state officer team has planned for FBLA Arizona, making a better member experience for all. Jared’s journey in FBLA started his freshman year, encouraged by a friend that served as his chapter’s president as well as his business teacher to join FBLA and get involved in his school and community. Having the opportunity to serve as a chapter officer his freshman year, Jared took all the opportunities he came across to get more involved, leading Jared to run and get to serve as a state officer his sophomore year. This experience allowed him to grow as a leader and led to a greater appreciation and passion for the organization. The competitions, conferences and networking opportunities have led Jared to great success and personal growth, as well as to see the real-life applications skills learned through FBLA. Jared firmly believes that FBLA is truly a life-changing organization and is ecstatic to serve for a second term as a servant leader, working towards improving the experience and opportunities for all involved in this organization. He believes that all should be involved in FBLA even without intentions to enter business as a career as the skills and concepts learned are applicable in all fields and offer opportunities for personal growth, allowing for well-rounded individuals in the workforce. In the future Jared hopes to major in education with an emphasis in music or social studies, enriching the lives of those he works with. In the 2023-2024 State officer term, Jared hopes to make an impact to allow for a better member experience with a greater emphasis on program training and deeper understanding of all opportunities offered by FBLA as well as improving his networking skills and grow as a leader.

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