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Victoria Kirova

VP of Leadership Development


Favorite FBLA Goal: 

Strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work.

Favorite FBLA Conference:

State Leadership Conference

Favorite Quote:

"Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude." - Michelle Obama

More about Victoria

Victoria Kirova, a senior at Sandra Day O'Connor High School, is honored to serve as one of your 2023-2024 FBLA Arizona State Officers. Discovering a dedication to this organization as a freshman, Victoria wanted nothing more than to continue the legacy of FBLA. Working her way up from being a member, to a chapter officer, and now a representative for the state, she hopes to inspire others to undergo a similar experience. The mentors and friends she met along her journey helped inspire her to take on such significant leadership roles, and she wants to ignite such a passion and enthusiasm in others through her mentorship. Some of her other interests include discovering new places while traveling, going on hikes with her dog, and playing tennis recreationally. In the future she hopes to earn her Master of Business Administration (MBA), utilizing all the skills she has been taught over the years. FBLA has given her the opportunity to witness a substantial shift in her character, strengthening her confidence and ideals, which is a goal she wants to instill in others on their mission of becoming successful business leaders.

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