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ML Business Ethics (Team Performance Event 1-3 members) 


This event allows members to explore the ethical issues that may arise in business as they are given a case study and then asked to provide their own solutions.  The FBLA Code of Ethics is a cornerstone of our organization and this event allows members to develop a deeper understanding of their own ethics.   



Each Middle Level chapter may enter members who are on record in the FBLA-PBL Online Membership System as having paid dues by the officially published deadline for the current school year.



Competition Procedure:

Members will use the case study below to prepare a 2-3 minute presentation that highlights their recommendations to the questions posed in the case study.  You may bring props and handouts to the presentation (no computers).  Judges will have the opportunity to ask questions to seek clarification on the proposals.



The topic/case study for this event will be fully released in August. The topic will relate to the following: • The ethics of a high school newspaper editor possibly selling ad space to a weight loss company


CLICK HERE for the rating sheet

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