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Lizbeth Ortiz

VP of Community Service & Alumni


Favorite FBLA Goal: 

Develop competent, aggressive business leadership.

Favorite FBLA Conference:

National Leadership Conference

Favorite Quote:

"If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it-then I can achieve it." - Muhammad Ali

More about Lizbeth

Lizbeth Ortiz is a Junior at Buckeye Union High School. She is exhilarated and honored to serve on the 2023-2024 State Officer team with Team 62. She is excited that FBLA Arizona chose to “Lead with Liz!” Her FBLA journey began her freshman year of high school when she enrolled in the social media business course at her school. Ever since then, she has taken advantage of all the opportunities FBLA offers to become a confident, strong business leader. She served as President of the Buckeye FBLA chapter and Vice Team Lead of the Chapter Development State Council in her sophomore year. Now, in her second term as Chapter President and as a State Officer, she is excited to implement her FBLA goals while working alongside the other State Officers! In the 2023-2024 term, Lizbeth will work to follow through with the goals she emphasized while campaigning. She will work to improve AZ FBLA as a whole, enforce mock competitions, increase community service opportunities, and facilitate access to all opportunities FBLA offers at the state and national level to all members. As FBLA is one of her greatest passions, and has experience working behind the scenes at the state-level through state councils, she knew state office would help her enforce a greater, more positive influence on all members. She is a huge advocate for leadership development, participation in state & national councils, and for the promotion of local, state, and national FBLA to expand every member’s experience in this organization. After each conference, workshop, competition, and leadership experience, her passion for FBLA magnifies. FBLA allows Lizbeth to showcase her leadership style while connecting with our amazing members. When she is not busy with FBLA, you can find her playing tennis, running cross country, reading a book, running her non-profit organization, or studying for an exam! In the near future, Lizbeth plans to attend University to study Entrepreneurship and Political Science!

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