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The events below are for FBLA Arizona Middle Level members only.  

Middle Level competitors can choose to compete in 1 individual event, 1 chapter or team event, and 1 test.


Middle Level Event Topics 

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Middle Level Regional Event List

Middle Level State Event List



Business Etiquette


Business Math & Financial Literacy


Career Exploration  


Digital Citizenship


Introduction to Computer Science & Coding



Skill Events


Multimedia & Website Development 

Individual Events


Career Presentation (AZ only)


Elevator Speech


Pledge and Mission  (AZ only)



Team Events


Business Ethics (AZ only)


Community Service Project (State Only)


Critical Thinking


Chapter Events (Individual or Team)

(Arizona Only Events)


Battle of the Chapters


Business Graphics


Chapter Scrapbook (State Only)


Chapter Sign


Chapter T-Shirt (State Only)


Local Chapter Activities Report (State Only)

Click Here to fill out our Start a Chapter Form. After filling it out a member from our team will contact you shortly on the next steps to start a Middle Level Chapter!

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Middle Level Newsletters

Newsletter #1


Missey Goodman, State Adviser



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Fax: 602.364.4035


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