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Bruce Ruan

VP of  Leadership Development


Favorite FBLA Goal: 

Strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work.

Favorite FBLA Conference:

State Leadership Conference

Favorite Quote:

"Be water, my friend" - Bruce Lee

More about Bruce

Bruce Ruan, a senior at Mountain Ridge High School, is beyond excited to serve as part of your 2024-2025 State Officer Team! Introduced to FBLA as a sophomore in his computer science class, Bruce joined the organization in hopes of meeting new friends across the state. At his first FBLA on Fire, Bruce was inspired to become more involved within FBLA, eventually leading him to join the state's sponsorship council. Here, he served as the Team Lead and worked with a brilliant group of individuals in securing sponsors for FBLA Arizona. Following this, he felt motivated and dedicated to become an FBLA State Officer. From these experiences, Bruce has learned the importance of community within FBLA. He aspires to make sure everyone within FBLA has the opportunity to connect with each other, share diverging perspectives, and craft life long friendships. Bruce believes FBLA has the power to inspire confidence and camaraderie within the nation while also propelling career preparation and business education. In his free time, Bruce loves to play tennis, compose music, and hang out with friends. If you see him walking around at conferences, please take the time to introduce yourself as he loves learning more about his FBLA community!

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