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Eva Falcon

VP of Communications


Favorite FBLA Goal: 

Strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work.

Favorite FBLA Conference:

Regional Conferences

Favorite Quote:

"Love and imagination can change the world." -Universal Pictures, Barbie as Rapunzel

More about Eva

Eva Falcon is a rising junior at Metro Tech High School in Phoenix, Arizona, who is thrilled to take on the honor of serving as a State Officer. Growing up, Eva spent her summers in Jalisco, Mexico, watching her family run both small and large agricultural businesses. While this exposure sparked her interest in business as a young girl, it was FBLA that allowed her curiosity in enterprise to flourish into a true passion for leadership and business today! As a Freshman at Metro Tech, Eva joined the Future Business Leaders of America and quickly became a lower classman representative, where she attended many conferences such as FLEX, Regionals, and the State Leadership Conference. As a Sophomore and as the executive vice president for her chapter, she was granted the opportunity to join the State Sponsorship Council as the team's Records Director, where she soon worked her way up to becoming a State Officer. Eva views her relationship with FBLA as a mutual embrace, where both parties give yet both receive. The Future Business Leaders of America welcomed Eva with open arms, taking her to new heights. Eva hopes to reciprocate this embrace with the same warmth she was given, aiming to build a platform for membership opportunities, success, and positivity. Outside of FBLA, Eva enjoys taking nice naps, reading, volunteering, and getting ready to dance the night away! In the near future, she hopes to attend university to study finance and continue to grow as a business leader!

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