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ML Critical Thinking Skills


ML Critical Thinking Skills (Team Event 1 - 3 Members per Team) 


Members will receive a case study related to a challenge or opportunity within their chapter.



Each Middle Level chapter may enter members who are on record in the FBLA-PBL Online Membership System as having paid dues by the officially published deadline for the current school year.



1. This event is for participation by an individual or a team of two or three members

2.  Fifteen minutes will be allowed to prepare, and five minutes will be allowed for the presentation

3. Students will recieve a case study related to a challenge or opportunity whithin their chapter

4.  Two 4"x6" note cards will be provided to each competitor and may be used during event preparation and performance. Information may be written on both sides of the note cards. Note cards will be collected following the presentation

5. No additional reference materials will be allowed

6. Individuals/teams should introduce themselves, describe the situation, make their recommendations, and summarize their cases

7. If participating as a team, all team members are expected to actively participate in the performance

8. All questions raised in the case must be addressed during the presentation

9. Judges may ask up to three questions following the presentation


State Conference Procedure

Members will use the case study to prepare a 2 - 3 minute presentation that highlights their recommendations to the questions posed in the case study. Ypu may bring props and handouts to the presentation (no computers). Judges will have the opportunity to ask questions to seek clarification on the proposals.


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